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Deutsch Online-Training

Current online training:

Small group (2-4 people) for level B1.1.

Training times: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 pm to 7pm

Textbook: Line 1- B1

Entry possible at any time

Online training

Through the online form of teaching, I can supervise your personal language training, regardless of where you are in this big world.

Online courses are ideal for learners of German who are unable to take part in face-to-face training due to their job or place of residence in Germany or who want a high degree of flexibility with regard to lesson dates. Thanks to the use of digital learning tools, online lessons have become an equivalent alternative to face-to-face training, with which language learners can achieve very good learning results. Many German learners also want a textbook in book form for online training. That is of course possible. I have licences for digital textbooks that are used in lessons. Participants can always opt for a textbook in book form so that they can take notes in the book and do homework or repeat the content of the last lesson without a laptop.


Individual training for private persons: 40 euros (for 60 min.)+ 19% VAT

Group training for private persons: 25 euros (for 60 min.) +19% VAT per person

Training times by arrangement

Levels: A1-C2

Classroom training

If personal contact with your teacher and other language learners is very important to you, face-to-face training is the best option for you.

In this form of teaching, getting to know each other is possible to a much greater extent than in online training. This form of teaching is also recommended for language learners who feel somewhat insecure in oral language production, as it can create a certain relationship of trust due to the personal contact. This can contribute to the language learner perceiving the lessons as a safe framework that enables him or her to use the language and to gain an initial sense of achievement.


Individual training for private persons: 50 euros (for 60 min.) + 19% VAT

Small group (2-4 persons): 35 Euro (for 90 min.) +19% VAT per person

Training times by arrangement

Levels: A1-C2

German for children

In addition to lessons for adults, I also offer language training for children.

I find it very nice that as a teacher you can use your creativity in teaching children and sing, make music, dance, invent stories, paint, etc. with the little learners of German.

My offer is aimed at mothers and fathers who are looking for lessons for their child that focus on the joy of learning and achieve the learning goals in a playful way.

I also like to use the clown figure in these trainings, which is always very welcome by the children.


Individual training: 50 euros (for 60 min.)+ 19% VAT     

Small group (2-4 children): 35 Euro (for 90 min.) +19% VAT per child

Training times by arrangement

Deutsch für Kinder