The clown for all occasions

As Clown Filou for Kids

Besides teaching languages, I have found that clowning gives me great pleasure. After my first training in 2019, I very rarely showed myself as a clown. As I also enjoy performing for children, I therefore took part in further training to become a school clown in 2022. Part of this training was also job shadowing at schools, through which I had the opportunity to perform as a clown. This has strengthened the desire in me to take on the role of a clown more often. Singing and dancing are things I love to do. They are also part of my clowning and I therefore enjoy performing at children’s birthday parties where I entertain the children by playing, singing and dancing together.


50 euros (for 60 min.) + 19% VAT.


Sometimes I spontaneously put on my clown nose when a suitable situation arises and then, as can be seen in the photo (during a visit to a friend in Portugal), I also like to play with other clowns.



As a fun waiter for adults

A fun waiter should not be missing at any party. When I perform in this role, I cater to the wishes of the organiser and create an entertainment concept for a successful afternoon or evening. Going from table to table, I look for people with whom I can have a little fun. In the photo I was invited as a fun waiter at a round birthday party.


75 euros (for 60 min.) +19% VAT.

I explain to uninvited guests in a somewhat unconventional way that they are not welcome.